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Toronto Night and Day

even though i never considered myself a 'citizen' of this metropolis i lived in it long enough to be able to gather a substantial amount of photographs on 35mm film while strolling around the city in night and in day.

i was very broke at the time keeping myself afloat with odd labour jobs and as a cook in a fancy mobster restaurant (not actually getting paid), all the while dumpster diving with such success I was able to eat most days of the week without spending anything.

this time in Toronto meant a time of reflecting after recovering from a bender and a mix of too much liquor, LSD, MDMA and who knows what else gone wrong that was followed by months of flash-backs and about 10 months of abstinence.

it also taught me another lesson on how little importance money has when it comes to passion. even though i have better equipment, more access to money, a vehicle and and and five years later i recognize and admit to myself that what i was able to get out of and gain through photography was at a peak even though i had inferior lenses and never more than a few dollars in my pocket.

(photographs on 35mm film taken with: Nikon FM2 / various lenses)

more photos on https://www.muliandhase.com/toronto

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