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The Painters Wet Dream of a Motel Room

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

we move fast, but with our eyes closed. everyone is always up to something bigger, better, more exciting. isn't it easy to not enjoy a place while we're busy taking snapshots of it?

when i went out for my first - more extensive - -trip abroad to Colombia i definitely came unprepared. i brought so much stuff i didn't need, dead weight carried around, a lot of nothing to be looked after and secured. from a foreign country, from foreign people, me being the foreigner in a - to me - foreign country.

at least it didnt take me long to realize that i had no use for a leather coat (Colombia is pretty fuckin hot in most places), that i certainly had way too many t-shirts with me and that the only thing i really needed to hang on to was my 35mm film camera.

i let most of the shit go and started travelling.

given one or the other hiccup over the years i've tried to stick to that strategy and while i'll try my best to bring the essentials i need to take photographs i try even harder to focus myself on the place, the environment i visit for a moment, a while, long, short.

motels are awesome places. you enter a room and while you've probably never been inside this specific room, they all look more or less the same, with a similar configuration. a door to walk in, a window to look out and a bible inside the drawer on the night table. i also wonder who slept here last, alone or with someone else, did they have sex and/or order pizza.

some motels look nicer and then you visit some where the doors show the faded but clearly visible sign of forced entry - it didnt look like the room was on fire.

"I've visited 12 countries in 4 months" I've heard that many times and I disagree. it's not about experiencing places in depth any more, it's just about showing where you've been to.

instead of trying to impress others with my travels, I'm trying to leave with a significant impression, using my camera as a magnifying glass.

(all photographs on 35mm film taken with: Nikon FM2 / Olympus Trip35 / Olympus Mju1)

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