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Learning The English Language

efforts of 'Understanding the Foreign' about once a month for your entertainment . . .

English lessons since the age of 10. worked at an English speaking office for a magazine. moved to and lived in a country Canada with English being the first language. and I still run into new terms, sayings, metaphors, jokes and many more words I hadn't heard yet, or never really understood in their meaning.

here's a couple of my most recent newly acquired terminology:

emotionally potent:

this wonderful term came to me in form of 90 dead nurses.

I mean I didn't actually run into them, but a friend from far away out East came for a visit and brought them to me as an example during our fierce conversation about the global status quo.

'emotionally potent' how I understand it describes what happens virtually around the clock inside a Facebook-News-Feed.

there's so many pieces of information affecting individuals differently in good and in bad it seems impossible to keep an overview and - sometimes - to keep your emotions at bay.

whatever you believe in or you don't believe in can lead to a charged up situation between people on a small scale and then on a large, even global scale.

walk the walk talk the talk walk the talk self explanatory.

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