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Hitchhiker's Reloaded

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

hitchhiking is a great idea. it's often frowned upon, but that just makes it more exciting. getting a little bit out of line waiting on the side of the road practically anywhere instead of being stuck in line waiting for a bus or the cab.

not everyone has to love hitchhiking and hitchhikers of course, but opening the limited space of a vehicle to a stranger can hold great rewards.

if that's an increased credit score on the Karma Account, or just the positive feeling over having helped out someone in need.

Rusty here need help too. a lot of help actually, but from us he needed a ride to the courthouse in Nanaimo. he came running towards us on a parking lot near Bowen Park (great city park btw.) asking me if I could call a cab for him. I said I could but didn't know a Nanaimo cab number. he didn't know it either so instead of searching quickly online for it I decided to overcome my mild and relatively freshly acquired anxiety about strangers who might give you a cold bug. I'm not too sure why something inside of me would be concerned about it, I'm blaming it on getting older. I told myself my immune system is fine and keeping me safe which gave me the mental strength to invite him into our truck.

He told us a lengthy and sad story about his young daughter who's, according to him, stuck in Jamaica where she has been taken by local authorities from her mother. he is convinced that she's been a victim to human trafficking and potentially even worse.

armed with a clean suit, two ties his regular appearance is tidy and presentable, beard trimmed and a decent haircut he comes across as a man with a mission, who knows what he's doing. but then there is also a lot of conspiracy stuff aimed at the police, government etc. that makes you wonder, at least a bit about whether everything he says is true or if he's stuck in a story hard to understand for strangers like us, who picked him up.

it's been about a year and a half since we gave someone a ride we didn't know. we didn't stop picking people up because of the all the paranoia and panic in the world, but simply because all the turmoil has made us for anxious than we've ever been an also because we haven't travelled very much in the past two years.

we're changing that and I'm glad we're re-loading our truck with an unknown amount of future hitchhikers again.


[photographs taken with Nikon 801 / Nikkor 28mm/2.8 / Fuji Superia 200]

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