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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

inspired by the 'Frontline Workers' of Fast-Food-Industry . . .

I knew better, but - for years - I went anyways.

I drove past this appreciation-sign this last mid-summer 2020.

the Global Panic had reached another height and it's still blowing my mind how twisted and collectively backwards our world actually is. it wasn't a new thought to me but I finally accepted that this entire planet shares one thing:

We Live In Idiocracy.

in it. together.

it took me a while longer to realize that we've always lived in a global Idiocracy, but then I realized that I just didn't want to see it.

believe it or not: when I saw this sign I knew how bad things are:



McDonalds, a ginormous franchise that generates most of their revenue by selling toxic and addictive products is paying respect to 'frontline workers'?

what a slap in the fact of every health-care worker on earth taking care for people suffering from obesity, artery- and other diseases.

sure a lot that is a self-inflicted demise of the human body, the flash of MSG giving the brain what it wants with the organs doomed collateral damage. (SuperSizeMe is a great film to watch)

In my books I am my own worst example:

I used to waste my money at those places all the time until about 2018. usually after a couple of nights of intentional heavy drinking followed by giving my already trashed organs another heavy blow.

that power of these juicy looking billboard-ads along the highways of the world, together with whatever addictive stuff they fry their garbage, creates a strong mind-bending potion that seems to subdue almost everyone's' willpower.

but then:

check out my little happy food-punk here:

  • local oven potatoes (we perfected the baking process with very little oil)

  • hand picked hedgehog mushrooms from the forest

  • egg from a neighbors chicken family

  • and a scallop we collected diving (!) in the ocean.

2020 was my first year trying week after week to withstand the most gluttonous craving of over-eating and instead practicing the skill of indulging small, quality meals all in the spirit of #FlattenTheCurve instead of FatteningMyCurves.

eating less also allowed me to buy better products and to to spend more money on quality beers.

so I'm fed, drunk and happy. what else would I want?

I definitely don't want to give in to the illusion of finding self-care inside a fast-food drive-through when it only takes a bit of effort to go crabbing in rain, snow or shine. or running through the forest to forage for wild, edible mushrooms.

all that food that ends up in the trash-bin every day shows so easily how messed up the distribution in this world is. and most of us including myself rather close their eyes and ignore the fact that we can make a little change in our own lifestyles go a long way since we have the (super-)power of being able vote with our money!

returning to the coast from this last summers trip we had to burn some time before catching the next ferry home to our island so a friend of mine and I sat across from Starbucks and watched the snake run through the drive-way for a couple of hours. a snake chasing it's tail, never stopping 24/7 all year round.

that day we watched the future start. a little frame of a future where an anonymous

take away and drive through an almost touchless moment picking up cancer causing substances with a free ride on the sugar-rollercoaster bound free fall to a later life with Diabetes.

people call McDonalds a restaurant, Starbucks a Café, but we who took the cocaine out of Coca Cola let the fast food industry get away with poisoning the world?

at least cocaine is where consumed dreams are made, wasted in a rush, but not just flushed down the toilet bowl a few hours later.

why do we take the fun out of self-destruction?

imagine a distant day when you're going to blend a juicy Big-Mac together with french-fries and one of those little plastic containers of BBQ-sauce:

toothlessly in TV-Dinner. Brain out.

2020: #FlattenTheCurve ??? nope: #FattenTheCurve !!!

2021: next round!

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