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stretchy gloves and fair trade coffee

Updated: Jan 1

have you ever felt this toxic feeling when people are trying to force decisions upon you, lining up their schedule with yours, affecting your schedule and even invading your private space?

(virus vessels in trash bin in front of fair-trade-coffee)

well if not I assure you that it can turn you into a cornered dog that might bite unless you establish boundaries. (I read that in a dog training book)

that sounds easy.

it's not.

decisions made in the past and semi-wanted commitments can hold repercussions for a long time, like an echo of involvement with others - partnerships without a captain of course can throw your ship off course.

when an environment is forced upon you though through a global collective reaction on a crisis fueled by omitting information, fearmongering, lies and more things get real pretty fast, I mean un-real and pretty difficult.

you have to learn how to live in a world full of subjects whose daily goal it is to twist reality to their benefit, going against logic, ration and common sense.

remember that 'stretch' when suddenly everyone had to wear gloves to be allowed inside the store? the poor attempt to take control over the fact that we always pick up and touch stuff we don't even end up buying, a pointless neurotic reflex of some sort.

I'm not sure if this motion got abolished quickly because it doesn't work or because there wasn't enough gloves in production to meet the demand.

which brought us to: put a mask on, use it as a face-shield so you can go out and after your non essential stuff. don't miss out on another Black Friday sale, be that invincible shopper a fearless trooper ready to face any plague to get that helluva deal!

what happened to those golden days when you'd run into a person with a smile or run away from a moody one. in those great times where we were all given that credit in advance that we wash our hands regularly, give each other a respectful amount of space and that we drink tea and stay at home when we feel unwell.

what happened?

this happened:

(surgical mask and snotty tissue on wet pavement next to red car)

I'd bet a good chunk of money that most people are not very hygienic and don't give each other space being too busy to walk around with their elbows out.

I avoid wearing a mask wherever I can, while I keep going after all of my regular things, that are (except taking a shit in the morning and staying hydrated) are all not essential at all. I do that trying my best to read the signs around me giving me the information I need to make sure I can adapt to the public without having anyone freak out on me.

all these people out there, so full of shit, pretending... posing with a mask. a non medical piece of equipment, a face diaper that's leaking everywhere not keeping the shit inside that comes out of everyone's mouth. like when 'the whole world was holding it's breath' with people running around frolicking about planet earth getting a break. salmons back here, water clean, the channels of Venice hoorah what a difference we made. for a week or so after which we moved on and back to nothing 'new normal' but same old bullshit.

then it makes me happy to see the vast majority of people accepting a placebo for comfort that gives them the feeling everything is going to be alright.

I'm happy about it because I don't have to see their stupid faces!

some days I wish face-masks would work like a muzzle with the additional feature that they mute people. if you choose to wear a mask you have to be silent.

keep that shit to yourself.

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