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A Roof Top Flock of Flamingos

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

when's the last time you flopped around downtown without your blinders on?

I forget all the time how much there is to discover outside by rushing through the city my chore list in head, dodging situations and avoiding people wherever I can.

especially in 'these uncertain times' I have never been more certain about the fact that I really have no interest in any interaction with any stranger around me - if I can avoid it.

it's not that I hate people, I'd rather like to see myself as someone who's tried and practiced since young age to be open towards others I don't know always giving the chance of finding a new friend.

since that's become more impractical than ever (I'm not adding an explanation here) I found lost focus again to look around me and discover things, like this time a bunch of Flamingos hanging out on a roof-top inside the heart of Victoria.

heart-warming, pink, rosy, feathery, fluffy not alive but making life a bit more lively

[Nikon FM2 / 35-105mm / 3.5 / Kodak Portra 400]

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